Any power of myanmar mango

We tend to get in the homes of many Myanmar mango always carry. This is going eaten dessert market for mango reproduced. Taste, It also entered the rainy season because the season with mango to be good every day.

Myanmar mango flavor, Style, Depending on the color, a diamond Love, twin, A three Emerald Rock, Monkey head, My family, Bay, Ruby depending on the locality with the mouse species ကွဲသွားပါတယ်. No matter how species split apart the mango is a new feel relieved. Gives regular bowel movements. Gives clear vision. In addition, some cancers are getting မဖြစ်စေဖို့ Protect ဂွတ်ရှယ် is. Today article mango’d like to talk about the health benefits that can help.

1. Rich in vitamins and nutrients

Less amount of calories the body ကျန်းမာစေဖို့ contain many essential nutrients. Protein, Carbohydrate, Fiber, Vitamin A. B vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Folic acid, Potassium fertilizer, With a magnesium supplement can provide nutrition, especially mango.

2. There are a lot of anti-oxidation product content

The anti-oxidation products protects cells from within. Elders can slow down aging, a common heart high blood pressure, Diabetes, Chronic disease, Preventing cancer မဖြစ်စေဖို့.

3. I feel stronger

Mango containing the nutrients, their immune system is improved simply does not cause fever. Respiratory tract and the body issued against migrant resistance to infections cause fever.

4. Helps strengthen the heart

Magnesium fertilizer and potassium fertilizer causes the heart rate on a regular basis, hypertension, cardiovascular relaxation dreamland. You can reduce blood cholesterol This is the best heart health.

5. It is a new life

If you eat fiber rich mango normal digestive feel relieved. Make regular bowel movements, constipation Preventing diarrhea မဖြစ်စေဖို့ diarrhea. So if you eat a lot of rice, After the oil to seep around a mango, it will be easier to digestion.

6. Visual symptoms

Those eyes, Those born weak eyes Are not visible in the dark at night, I always travel with the sunlight, Dust, and those who continue to engage All day at the computer in the eye for all those who are working and should stick to the mango diet.

7. Good for the skin

Join the mango is rich in vitamin C skin problem not only beautiful hair and gives vigor. Wrinkles and aging to prevent colon nitrogen fertilizer can be issued. Affected by sunlight and ultraviolet light to prevent damage to the skin.

So for your own health and beauty whether the excellent mango eaten dessert, Fruit juice drink, whether secretly I also had a taste, အစာလည်း has caused almost a day on a regular basis then let out to fight diseases.

Ref: Hello doctor
Author Ye Myo Myat
Medical editor Dr. Thurein Hlaing Win