The value of the best players to become competitors (5)

Among ONE Championship player Anna Rice is the second most any player, “Abu Doha” Po Xi held last ONE: Legendary Quest Indonesia won Victorio Senduk tournaments. Among the players remove ONE Weik also be the most valuable in the event (9) (8) can. It excelled at face value, and the next contest in which one of the competitors in the same had to be presented to choose the best (5).

Edward Kelly

Popular players of Team Lakay Philippine veteran Edward “The Ferocious” Kelly Po and one of confrontation to one of the best players. Kelly ONE Championship game has been (6) years, and the current weight class world champion Christian Lee 2 18 When he had won once.

His brother Eric Kelly is also a ONE Championship players and the younger brother of events, who was interested in the martial arts martial sports. Childhood ambition to be a police officer, Kelly, who graduated with specialized criminal aesthetics have changed his mind at the martial arts world.

Even the beginning of the professional career (5) won ပွဲဆက် interested ONE Championship 2 13 contract signing. At present (12) (6) defeats Kelly Poe admirer record is placed in the stand, as if attacked by a strong fist in their face confrontation event has become a good match.

Eric Kelly

Edward Kelly’s biological brother, Eric “The Natural” Kelly also its value as close to a confrontation with the players. The most brilliant childhood Philippines, who was designated as a martial artist Kelly (19) year old Wu learn the tissue until after the Manila SEA Games gold medal in the competition as a team success.

Wu injured tissues after the withdrawal from the elite players martial arts martial world. 2 9 the opportunity to launch its first professional match play. (37) years old and currently owner of Kelly’s first competitive (9) consecutive victory, the challenge for the world championship belt, but had to give up because of injury.

Kelly is the last (7) consecutive defeat with a strong desire to recover any value and confront competition event has become a good match.

Anthony Engelen

Indonesia Bali MMA training based on British / Indo-born Anthony “The Archangel” Engelen will be able to cope with the best value for a player. Indonesia IFC competition weight class champion, a small Engelen, who was born and raised in the Netherlands and Pakistan since the Bork and Taekwondo student learning.

After graduating in business management subjects worked for one of the largest tea company based in Indonesia. Engelen (2) years after the work has been in the martial arts world champion race millennia Indonesia could play ONE Championship contract signing.

(8) (7) is currently owned by the result of defeats Engelen because of its distinctive beard mustache is an easy to set the audience to stand in the ring fighting, Ground control box Multi-skilled players.

Meas Meu

Myanmar Traditional Boxing player who had to cope with multiple values, and to play with them a little bit like Cambodia Khun Khmer boxing Meas Meu and coaches will be built if an interesting event to become a good match. Like most boxing early age at school parents’ farm contribute to support somebody who Meu family လက်ဝှေ့ပွဲများ ever wander.

Meu Khun Khmer boxing and judo, Spam, Studied western boxing Cambodia Judo Championship (3 times) and taxes (13) without losing ပွဲဆက် received record. Therefore, martial arts martial sports to play in the first (5) won ပွဲဆက်. Last played (3) consecutive defeat, and who need to be in existence, with the face value and the Myanmar boxing will become like Khun Khmer boxing tournament.

Narantungalag Jadamba

Only once removed ONE Championship belt weight class champion, the players who had occupied Mongolia Narantungalag “Tungaa” Jadamba last competitive match လက်ရှိချန်ပီယံ challenges after defeat Martin Nguyen, its age is almost the end of the championship dreams and so on.

However, a new value, a new skill like one step, but still like to be tested. (43) years old and the owner Jadamba K-1 Max, Legend FC had to compete in the prestigious tournament, once the weight of the Legend FC Champion Mongolia, once a champion for a time. Professional circuit box, a player who was also competing Jadamba attacks and stand strong and good spirits on a poor piece of prime ground.

If if they must compete with the value of experience in the game become available.

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