At the moment, criticism Attempts eternal

The Voice Myanmar 2019 has been completed. But initial Winner winner differ in Novem Htoo. Novem Htoo and the television audience (some) does not seem to be met. If not. However, the differences were not standing still.

“Lying shits The music on the bench, “a different view has become a series again. (Leave a poem written in elegant, elegant love, but ဂီတလုလင် မောင်ကိုကို the name of music lying shits, the inscription on the bench Love) singer Tin Tin Mya, ဒေါ်မာမာအေး sang. The Voice Myanmar Team Ni Ni (နီနီခင်ဇော်) Hazel innovative sang. Previously comfortably along melodious Now, the ink and the driver. Different feeling, Does not appear to be singing, Liked differently.

Disliked ဒေါ်မာမာအေး unlike the flowers open, candid. Urged to study the origins of History of the Song. မင်းသုဝဏ်၏ fruitless to my brother for a dog (black), poetry (13) tracks, written in track. မောင်ငယ်လေး elder sister to get up soft ပြောင်းပြောင်း meaning to wake up gently. Therefore, please ဒေါ်မာမာအေး said. Free and more open society is entitled to express his opinion freely.

Hazel’s singing has worked with, With ink and driver. Falsetto (positive end, it sang rate). My brother in a waking from sleep. အားမလို Placing believed to portray such feelings. The content on the right, He did not say I was wrong.

“In fact, here There is no error, Viewpoint “စကားတစ်ခွန်းကို very pleased say. Tin Tin Mya, ဒေါ်မာမာအေး In sensation no doubt will like. The concept of နီနီခင်ဇော် Hazel sang like he said, I will like. Person One favorite. Only shows the concept of critics who say that their critics.

The example here is a လူမမယ် children, The cost will not process, “none (none) in itself is not in the mood.” Everyone has their own opinion, as well as its own attempts, Self should not forget the future. From the beginning of the world until today not only the future will have many disagreements. This incident occurred only a sample. Whatever disagreements, Any criticism should not despair neck hug bears. Because of disagreements with his attempts to drop him if he really must be defeated. But critics will continue to criticize.

Team (ရိုးရာလေး)