Being infected with HIV, and people are beginning to realize great

In terms of the HIV virus present in a lot of the wrong people know to turn. This way the HIV virus from people’s fear about herself area humble ties are worse than bad. People living with HIV in this series of images, Abuse of people know about this virus, about’d like to solve.

What HIV

Weak immune system to attack the virus, he is not a disease

Weak immune system to attack the virus, he is not a disease. The HIV-infected blood, Semen, The female carrier, Breast milk can be located at the liquid, the other goes directly into the bloodstream of someone being infected.

Although HIV easier to spread, people just need to know Kissing, The use of equipment, Door infected with extraordinary results. Infection control (ART) to drink daily on time for a virus to infect others can make to reduce the virus in the blood.

Infection control (ART) to drink daily on time if the infection can not infect others

HIV infections cause most infected

Having sex without protection, More than one sexual partner, Sex groups, Sharing needles, The drinking of HIV infected mothers are HIV infected are main reasons.

HIV is infected with a kiss

No, it can infect. The enzyme in the saliva can kill the HIV virus immediately, so do not spread further. So kiss Tongue, The exchange of saliva, such as kissing in not being transmitted. A very rare phenomenon, infection, bleeding from their mouths because of various reasons Silk has been my own mouth ulcers, There are likely if the abraded wound infection. How it works is that a very low percentage infected country.

HIV infection What are the possibilities for

  • kissing, hugging
  • concentration, Saliva
  • House
  • bread alone
  • mobile
  • via
  • toilets Bathroom use
  • insect Animal bites,
  • , Six of semen, Can not be transmitted through blood.

Infected via sex use condoms when having sex with a virus and, as such,

HIV care about how to avoid being infected will live

1. A virus transmitted through sexual intercourse, use a condom.

2. Do I have a virus, (3) months without a blood test.

3. HIV exists worm control medication (ART) to drink daily on time.

4. I had to recover from the virus family, spouse, Am told.

5. Will be born if infected pregnant women to child infection or ART preventing medication regularly drink.

6. Sharing needles with other users. Using needles to repeated use.

7. If oral sex use condoms. Especially in the mouth to release the ejaculate Other abraded wound, Take care to wound.

HIV can be treated to eradicate the HIV medicine did not appear, but can not spread the medicine. The disease, which could significantly if treated like an ordinary person living a healthy and reach on.

Ref: Hello doctor
Author – Ye Myo Myat
Medical editor Dr. Thurein Hlaing Win