(1) takes lakhs of years disappeared, and the resurgence of bird species extinctions

The Linnean Society of Natural History is a research organization. This is according to the study published by the journal Zoology long legs kind of bird species such as Aldabra white-throated rail (136000) years after disappearing species extinctions had re-emergence as a learned, it was done in a rare wonderful evolution.

To enhance the same species of birds and other animal species have gone extinct The race is expected to re-emergence as an inbound scholars, encouraging predictions to emerge.

According to the experts (136000) years ago, when the bird is located in the Indian Ocean Aldabra coral islands were originally a live feed, a type of bird that can not fly. When a process of flooding the island of Aldabra sinking provisions extinctions of people had disappeared.

Ref: Disclose.tv “Extinct Bird Re-Evolved Into Existence Again After 136,000 Years”
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