If Nandar Hlaing Chemistry Major from the Queen, do not say anything about Khaing Thin Kyi

Khaing Thin Kyi decade while the film industry is still successful today, as well as size and actress youthful beauty. Her artistic top of the top of the next-generation standard revere fans love art could raise a baby and a daughter can teach and instill well-behaved to be a good mother.

Before Khaing Thin Kyi actress once one of the university’s Chemistry Major beauty queen in the university’s school about the brand agency, received the crown of beauty queen Major actress Nanda Hlaing, compared with the same crown of beauty queen if she can not say anything about it.

“Chemistry People ran smooth. , Carter avail First year the Queen was applied. Nandar Hlaing Second year to receive the certificate. Got lucky. If it does not, the faster. He is history. He may have yet to find it in our stadium. Queen crowned He arrived. Anyway, Mawlamyine Queen. Second year moved from the certificate. Just in passing anyway Supposedly, “after all, I say that is too good to love once a university student and two beauty queen Nanda Hlaing Khaing Thin Kyi fans continue to give my all.

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