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6 Steps to Getting a Wildflower Garden Growing

There are few higher methods to attach with nature regularly than by rising a backyard in your individual yard. And wildflowers like black-eyed Susans, wild bergamot and butterfly weeds are the proper manner for gardening newbies to get their begin: not solely do they regrow every year with comparatively little upkeep, however even only one sq. foot can assist your native ecosystem, offering meals for pollinators like bumblebees, butterflies, and songbirds.

Plus, each little bit helps—shockingly, we lose an increasing number of acres of grasslands and native wildflowers yearly. And that is dangerous information for every kind of wildlife.
Conservationists and even firms like Air Wick are serving to with the trigger too. They’ve teamed up with the World Wildlife Fund to reseed one billion sq. toes of wildflowers and grasslands throughout the U.S. over the subsequent three years. Need to do your half? Listed here are the steps to take (and the instruments you’ll want) to get planting.

1. Prep your house.
Wildflowers don’t want a lot to thrive, however they do like quite a lot of daylight. Select a spot in your yard—at the very least one sq. foot—that will get at the very least six hours of direct solar every day. Fall is the perfect time for constructing your flower beds, and there is nonetheless loads of time to plant, relying on when frost will arrive in your space (you must goal for an 8 to 10-week window, however discuss via your plans with an area gardening professional).

You’ll wish to begin with a clean slate, so seize a pair of gloves and different gardening instruments that’ll make the work simpler in your physique. Gently break up weeds and clods of dust together with your palms or a grub hoe, clearing the world of current vegetation, rocks, or different particles. Lastly, use a rake to stage the soil right into a flat floor.

2. Research your soil.
Whilst you could have already got sure flowers in thoughts that you simply’d wish to plant, they might not be appropriate with the native rising situations in your space. Earlier than ordering seeds or visiting your native gardening heart, it is advisable know the native local weather and soil kind. Use the U.S. Division of Agriculture’s Plant Hardiness Zone Map to find out which crops are more than likely to thrive the place you reside.

Solely think about flower varieties together with your zone quantity or decrease so that they’re positive to outlive the winter. A further solution to see which wildflowers will work finest in your yard is to measure your soil’s acidity and drainage texture with a easy pH take a look at, accessible at your native backyard heart.

3. Select your seeds.
As soon as you understand the kind of soil you’re working with, a gardening professional can recommend an excellent mixture of seeds to fit your house and funds; this may assist make sure that the whole lot you plant is an efficient match for the place you reside. (You may also request free seeds from Air Wick which are tailor-made to your area). All wildflowers entice pollinators, however sure varieties usually tend to entice particular species of birds, bees, and butterflies, so it’s also possible to take that into consideration.

4. Plant your plot.
Whenever you first see the seeds, you’ll probably be stunned at simply how small and dust-like they’re. To plant them evenly, begin with moist soil, then combine the seeds right into a small pail of sand, and sprinkle the combination throughout the naked floor. It will make it simple to see the place you’ve and haven’t seeded. For good measure, gently rake the world too, then apply a skinny layer of mulch or shredded straw atop all of it to retain moisture. Because the final step, water the world to maintain the whole lot in place.

Tip: Don’t plant all your seeds without delay. As an alternative, avoid wasting for when the backyard begins rising in. That manner you’ll have some extras readily available to fill in any naked patches you could have missed.

5. Give the flowers some TLC.
Whereas wildflower gardens are self-sustaining in the long term, they do require some follow-up care, particularly early on. As soon as seeds germinate (which may take as much as three weeks), they want constant moisture to make sturdy seedlings that may develop into vigorous crops. Be ready to water the backyard day by day, if it doesn’t rain, particularly if the climate is sizzling and dry. Don’t drown the soil although—simply give it a pleasant soak till the water seeps in a number of inches.

6. Plan forward for subsequent season.
Weeds are an unlucky pure byproduct of any wildflower backyard, however there are steps you possibly can take to restrict their progress. As soon as perennials have gone dormant for the season (normally by late fall), mow the crops right down to about 4 to 6 inches to assist scale back low season weed progress.

Within the spring, the primary crops to emerge in your wildflower backyard will likely be cool-season weeds. Mow these down earlier than the weeds have time to bloom and make seeds. By this level, the wildflowers, that are largely warm-season crops, will likely be just some inches tall at the moment, so whenever you mow, you’ll wipe out the weeds however spare the wildflowers. It will give your backyard loads of time to blossom, creating one sq. foot (or extra!) of lovely house for you and your native wildlife to take pleasure in all season lengthy.

57% of Small Business Employees Concerned for Their Mental Health

More than half (57%) of small business employees have expressed concern over their mental wellbeing. This was the finding of a report by MetLife, providers of insurance, annuities and employee benefit programs.

Adapting to Workforce Transformation

MetLife’s ‘How Small Businesses Can Adapt to Workforce Transformation’ report looks at how the dynamics of the work-life environment are changing. The 19th annual US Employee Benefit Trends Study explores the perspectives of small business employers and employees in order to provide insight into evolving needs and priorities of workforces.

The study was conducted in December 2020 and January 2021. It comprises of 2,500 interviews with the decision-makers of small businesses and 2,651 interviews with employees of small businesses.

Concerns Over Mental Health

One of the most striking statistics unveiled by the report is that 57% of employees are concerned for their mental health. Concurrently, three-quarters of employers say that employee resilience is important to business recovery.

With workers citing mental health concerns and employers recognizing the importance of employee resilience, the research highlights the need for small business employers to proactively value their employees. One way to ensure employees feel valued is to provide them with benefits that go beyond basic offerings.

As the authors of the report note: “As employees look to their employer for greater support in lessening stressors and improving their holistic wellbeing, and small business employers take on the challenges of attracting and retaining the workforce they need, employee benefits can play a pivotal role.”

What Type of Benefits do Employees Prioritize?

The research investigated the type of benefits employees prioritize. The leading benefit employees of small businesses rank is health insurance, with 78% citing it as a ‘must have’ benefit. 70% of the employee participants said retirement plan should be a must have benefit, while 62% say it should be paid/unpaid leave.

58% of employees of small businesses believe dental and vision should be the leading benefit provided by an employer.

Disability, critical illness and health savings were also raised as leading benefit requirements among employees. As were flex spending accounts, hospital indemnity and financial wellness, with around 35% of the survey’s participants flagging them as major benefits.

Steps Employers Can Take to Improve Wellbeing Among Employees

In response to the findings of the report, which confirms that when it comes to employee wellbeing, small businesses would be wise to provide employees with benefits to help improve wellbeing, MetLife uncovered five small steps small business employers can take.

These steps include offering review programs and benefits to optimize opportunities to improve employees’ holistic wellbeing.

Employers should also access opportunities to offer increased flexibility to employees. Options should be explored to enhance benefit offering by adding voluntary benefits that enable employees to address their individual situations, and to mitigate stress and increase financial security.

How to Leverage Local Business Directories

Businesses always seek out the “next big thing” to capitalize on their investment. It could come in the form of a production method or a successful marketing campaign to turn their endeavors into money.

In business, if something can be done to grow your revenue, it should be done. That’s why companies invest their resources to make their existence more sustainable, financially speaking.

The marketing field has become an arena of cut-throat competition, where an ever-increasing number of businesses are fighting for the same pie. They are exploring avenues to stand out from the crowd to either increase the size of the pie or just grab it off the hands of the competition.

Local business directories have come a long way since their inception. Now, they serve as a solid marketing tool to improve a company’s overall digital presence.

These are online platforms that, traditionally, contain the authentic Name, Address, Phone (NAP) of a business. These days, the given information may also include work hours and other related information that could help prospects connect with the company.

In most cases, local business directories offer a free platform for companies to create their profile but it must be claimed to fully enjoy the perks.

Since local business directories are repositories of search keywords and are visited by millions of people every month, they have the trust of both humans and bots.

Following are some of the most popular online platforms for local business citations:

Google My Business
CityLocal Pro
Better Business Bureau
Bing Places for Business
Yellow Pages
How to leverage local business directories for different purposes

In theory, marketing is as simple as trying to give out your message loud and clear. But, when you need to do it, it is a technical process combined with some art to persuade. There are many facets to it and every aspect must be addressed to create a well-rounded well-oiled marketing strategy.

Here are some of the ways companies can use local business citations and directories to leverage their position in the market.

Business Directories for Branding and Reputation Management

A company is all that it stands for and its perception in the minds of the public. The internet can be a cruel thing sometimes and a business must tread decisively to take the next step.

Social media platforms and local business directories are used to create a brand image. The most frequently used strategy is the marketing funnel strategy. In this, companies cast a wide net through educating the masses about their brand and then close in on it, resulting in lead generation and conversions.


A company can improve on its branding and reputation management as follows:

After every transaction, ask your client or customer to review your service on your page at local business directories.
Positive reviews are great but companies are often bombarded with negative reviews. In this case, follow up on that review publicly and let others know that you do not turn your back on your customers once the job is done.
Rumors can become news on the internet. To curtail misinformation regarding your brand and its activities, make sure you claim your profiles/listings, and use consistent NAP across the board.
Local business citations can fetch your prospects by giving you a spotlight to showcase your achievements. You can upload your portfolio in the form of images and links so that anyone can access and evaluate your skills.
Business Directories for Traffic and Leads

All local business listings combine to form a web of links over the internet with your official website at the center. This gives an impressive boost to the organic traffic directed to your website.

Marketers always rely on listings to augment the leads and traffic you can get. Get started by claiming your business and eliminating the duplicates.


Here are some pro tips to get the most of your local business citations:

Get alerts when someone on a listings websites gives feedback on your business profile.
Always look for new directories and listings to list your business in order to enhance the brand’s digital presence.
Smart devices and mobile devices are now leading the pack. When deciding which platform to pursue, keep in mind its integration and compatibility with mobile devices.
All business listings and citations platforms are not created equal. Always lookout for the most relevant and active ones and sever your ties from the websites that have become redundant.

Bangkok man arrested for allegedly having 200 marijuana plants

A person in Bangkok was arrested for allegedly having 200 marijuana vegetation. native police had taken a staff to the 5 story enterprise on Wacharaphon Highway in Bang Khen the place they found the small forest. Police arrested the green-thumbed proprietor recognized solely as 31 yr previous Jirawit.

Reportedly, the first ground of the enterprise bought curtains, snacks, and low. The 2nd ground was a residential one. The third ground allegedly contained 200 marijuana vegetation ranging in peak from 5 to 7 inches. The room was mentioned to be very cool and “drug taking”and “extraction paraphernalia had been discovered.

Additionally on the third ground was an “natural develop” space with 19 mature vegetation. The flowers had been mentioned to be 1 metre tall. The 4th ground was additionally used as a cultivation room. The fifth ground was used for storage.

Police allege Jirawit confessed that his horticulture pursuits have been happening for the final 2 years. The police say Jirawit obtained “cherry” seeds from the USA by means of Fb for 500 baht. The police additional claimed that Jirawit bought “5 cc” of extract for 500 baht, small vegetation for between 200 to 300 baht, and absolutely grown vegetation for 15,000 baht.

They declare Jirawit invested 50,00 baht in gear and paid 18,000 baht in electrical energy every month.

Jirawit was dropped at the Bang Khen Police station for additional authorized proceedings. He’s now taking a look at 5 years in jail and probably 500,000 baht in fines.

Earlier this month, one other suspect was additionally arrested for promoting marijuana vegetation on-line. He allegedly had 100 vegetation,

SOURCE: Thai Visa Day by day Information

The extremely rich in the US “pay hardly any income tax”

Details purporting to disclose the low income tax paid by US billionaires were leaked on a news site.

ProPublica claims to have seen the tax returns of some of the world’s wealthiest people, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett.

The website claims that Mr Bezos of Amazon paid no tax in 2007 and 2011, while Mr Musk of Tesla paid nothing in 2018.

A White House spokesman called the leak “illegal” and the FBI and tax authorities are investigating.

ProPublica said it was analyzing what it called an “extensive set of Internal Revenue Service data” on billionaires’ taxes and would release more details in the coming weeks.

Although the BBC failed to substantiate the allegations, the alleged leak comes at a time of growing debate over the amount of taxes paid by the rich and growing inequality.

ProPublica said the 25 wealthiest Americans pay less tax – an average of 15.8% of adjusted gross income – than most traditional US workers.

Jesse Eisinger, senior journalist and editor of ProPublica, told the Today Program: “We were very surprised that you could reduce [taxes] to zero if you were a millionaire. In fact, paying zero taxes really blew us away Ultra -rich people can bypass the system in a perfectly legal way “.

“They have a tremendous ability to find deductions, find credits and take advantage of gaps in the system,” he said.

So while the value of their wealth grows tremendously by holding stock in their company, this is not recorded as income.

What’s more, he said: “They also take aggressive tax deductions, often because they borrowed to finance their lifestyle.”

He said U.S. billionaires buy an asset, build one or inherit a fortune, and then borrow against their wealth.

Because they don’t make any earnings or sell shares, they don’t take any income, which could be taxed.

“They then borrow from a bank at a relatively low interest rate, make a living from it, and can use the interest payments as a deduction on their income,” he said.

Biden Plans

The site claimed that “by using perfectly legal tax strategies, many of the wealthy are able to reduce their federal taxes to zero or near zero” even as their wealth has soared in recent years.

The rich, like many ordinary citizens, can reduce their income taxes through things like charitable donations and by taking money from investment income rather than wage income.

ProPublica, using data collected by Forbes magazine, said the wealth of the 25 wealthiest Americans combined increased $ 401 billion between 2014 and 2018 – but they paid $ 13.6 billion in income taxes in those years.

President Joe Biden has pledged to raise taxes on wealthier Americans as part of a mission to improve equality and raise funds for his massive infrastructure investment program.

He wants to raise the highest tax rate, double the tax on what they earn from investments, and change the inheritance tax.

However, ProPublica’s analysis concluded: “While some wealthy Americans, such as hedge fund managers, would pay more taxes under Biden’s current administration proposals, the vast majority of the top 25 would see little change.”

One of the quoted billionaires, philanthropist George Soros, would also have paid a minimum tax. His office did not respond to a BBC request for comment, but said in a statement to ProPublica that Mr Soros did not have to tax a few years due to investment losses.

The statement also highlighted the fact that he had long argued for higher taxes on America’s wealthiest people.


According to reports in the United States, Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York whose tax details were among the documents, said the disclosure raised privacy concerns and that he would use “legal means” to reveal the source of the news leak.

ProPublica, an investigative website, has written several articles about how budget cuts by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service have hampered its ability to enforce tax rules on wealthy and large corporations. The news agency claimed that it had received the documents disclosed in response to these articles.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said “any unauthorized disclosure of confidential government information” was unlawful.

Treasury Department spokeswoman Lily Adams said in an emailed statement to Reuters that the matter had been referred to the FBI, federal prosecutors and two Treasury Department in-house observers, “all of whom have authority that independent to investigate ”.

The Commissioner of the United States Internal Revenue Service, Charles Rettig, said, “I cannot speak to anything about specific taxpayers. I can confirm that there is an investigation, in relation to allegations that the source of the information in that article is from the Internal Revenue Service”. Revenue Agency. ”

What’s wrong here? Let’s do a very simple analysis. If the shares I own in the company I set up are worth £ 1 billion at the start of the tax year and rise to £ 2 billion by the end of the tax year, how much do I have to pay for income tax? Easy – zero. Because even though I was twice as wealthy, I got zero income.

On the other hand, if I have no assets and earn £ 30,000, I pay about £ 6,000 in income tax and national insurance. That’s why disclosures that some of the wealthiest Americans have paid little or no income tax may cause anger, but they should come as no surprise. It does not compare apples to apples.

This is not to say that these very wealthy people do not have the money to pay the sailing bills. A broad tactic used by the wealthy to borrow money protected against their vast wealth – which is not yet income – is loan proceeds and this is the (perfectly legal) part of taking cookies.

Interest on that loan can be deducted from any other income to further reduce income tax. Sounds great, but it’s legal.

Unsurprisingly, many politicians around the world (Elizabeth Warren in the US and Jeremy Corbyn / John McDonnell in the UK) and academics like Thomas Piketty have argued that we need a way to tax wealth, not income.

The billionaire in our example will pay the capital gain, currently 20% in the UK, by the time he sells those shares and makes a profit.

ONLY, that is, the profits have sunk into another business, the tax system as it is designed to encourage the promotion of economic growth and new jobs – jobs that will generate income and therefore taxes .

That, his advocates say, is capitalism at work – but as with the new global consensus on corporate taxation – the clamor for tax change is growing louder.


Despite improved performance in the first quarter, Thailand’s GDP may not impress in the second

Despite better-than-expected performance in the first quarter, Thailand’s gross domestic product may not be as impressive in the second quarter. As the first quarter saw a year-on-year decline of 2.6%, analysts say the contraction was better than expected. Now, a report by Oxford Economics says the recent third wave of Covid-19 could prevent GDP from seeing a slight contraction in the second quarter.

The report predicts that Thailand’s GDP will grow by just 2.8% this year as the third wave of the virus sees more than 2/3 of total infections in the Kingdom since the start of the pandemic until the end of 2019. businesses are also contributing to the outlook as many have been forced to tighten. The first quarter has already seen a 0.4% business confidence and home use contract, 1.2% lower than last year.

Since the new security measures saw the Covid-19 Position Administration Center classify provinces into color zones, those in deep red and deep red have only seen locations other than entertainment open since early April. While the country has plans to reopen by July in some tourist destinations like Phuket, plans may be delayed due to the increasing number of infections. The tourism industry, once again, is sure to take another shot, likely until the country has given the vaccines en masse.

Thailand’s net exports also suffered a dip, despite an 8% increase. Stronger imports offset the growth, down 8% points from net export growth in the first quarter of last year.

In the meantime, Thailand is planning a mass vaccination program to help ensure herd immunity in line with the country’s reopening at least by October, however, the plan has not yet begun. Although Bangkok is concerned with increasing daily infections, 25 vaccination centers are planned to be opened in an attempt to vaccinate 38,000 to 50,000 people a day. The aim is to see 5 million people in the capital vaccinated by the end of July, but previous unfulfilled goals have prompted widespread criticism of the government’s handling of the pandemic.

No government help for Thai Airways

A final vote meeting on Thai Airways’ debt restructuring program has been set for this Wednesday after being delayed last week.

Meanwhile, a source close to those running the Thai Airways debt recovery plan says the state is under no obligation to provide a helping hand to the domestic carrier. The Bangkok Post reports that Chansin Treenuchagron, acting president of Thai Airways, says no such promise has been made and that the government is not obliged to take on the role of loan guarantor for the airline.

Representatives from the Ministry of Finance are understood last week to have attended an online meeting between the airline’s debt recovery planners and its creditors. However, Chansin says the ministry’s presence at the meeting is not a sign that the state will provide a helping hand.

According to a Bangkok Post report, many creditors worry about the carrier’s ability to obtain a loan without the Ministry of Finance’s help, but Chansin insists that if the rehabilitation plan is found to be financially viable, accessing loans will not be a problem , even with the airline’s huge debts.

Voting on the plan was delayed last week after more than 15 creditors requested changes. It is understood that a number of creditors, including the Ministry of Finance, are opposed to the proposed debt relief outlined in the plan. Thai Airways is believed to be trying to postpone redemptions of the bonds.

The vote is now scheduled for Wednesday, when the airline’s creditors will decide whether or not to accept the plan. The carrier needs more than 50% of its creditors to vote in favor of acceptance, at which point it will be submitted for consideration by the central bankruptcy court. In the event of insufficient votes in favor of the scheme, the flag carrier will be declared bankrupt.


Top 5 car rental companies in Thailand

Thailand is one of the most dynamic countries in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. It is known for its quaint villages, glittering temples, and commendable beaches. The country is undoubtedly the reference destination for those looking for a relaxing vacation. As a result, renting a car in Thailand is becoming more and more popular. However, with so many choices, choosing a car rental company can be overwhelming. We’ve put together a list of the top five car rental companies to help you decide which is best for you.

5 Best Car Rentals in Thailand

1. Rental Thai Car

Rent Thailand Car is one of the largest and most important car rental companies in Thailand. Rooted in humble beginnings, the company started with 5 employees and 12 vehicles. Today, they have expanded their horizons to over 8,000 brand new vehicles and 550 staff. They have 40 years experience and 27 offices in Thailand, so they are an affordable option with an “international standard” at an affordable price.

Key Services: This car rental company has become a staple for many expatriate visitors. They offer a wide range of cars to choose from, whether you’re looking for a small car rental or a spacious minivan. There are also no hidden fees or withdrawals as the rates are listed for cars and the booking process is quick and easy. In addition, GPS navigation and child seats can also be included on request. Their services are available 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, this company is definitely cloud free!

Prices: The estimated price per day ranges from 990 to 2,550 baht.

Address: Renting cars with a pickup in several regions of Thailand including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin, Khon Khaen, Pattaya and Phuket.

Contact Info: / 1647

Top 5 Car Rental Companies In Thailand | News by Thaiger

2. Rent a Bizcar car

Second, Bizcar Rentals is on our list. As a car rental company, they stand out from the rest. In fact, they promise, “premium service for business and leisure travelers”. They offer competitive and low prices possible through online promotions and free order cancellations. Just as importantly, 24-hour emergency assistance is always available for your safety. For these reasons Bizcar is a reliable and reliable company, so it’s an easy and convenient choice.

Key services: Bizcar Rentals offers a chauffeur service with qualified drivers ready to take you wherever you want. Another key point is their choice of 4,000 premium vehicles that will please all types of drivers. Other benefits include child seats and free GPS service, plus free delivery for up to fifteen kilometers from any office location. Enjoy long-term rental benefits (first-class insurance and no registration fees!), Or opt for short-term rental, we guarantee you top quality service and merchandise.

Prices: The estimated price per day ranges from 900 to 6,500 baht.

Address: You can find their rental centers all over Thailand including Bangkok, Rayong, Chiang Mai, Prachuap Khiri Khan and Phuket.

Contact Info: / +66-81-860-8483.

3. Hertz

Founded in 2003, Hertz is one of the most recognized car rental companies in the world. Famous for its large collection of cars, be it luxury cars, sports or economy. Because of this, they probably have what you’re looking for. They are one of the top 3 car rental companies in Thailand and are “determined to provide Thai touch to an international standard”, dedicating themselves to “enhancing the customer’s best experience with a modern fleet, catching and well-trained employees ”.

Key Services: Choosing Hertz has many benefits. Most importantly, Hertz has an impressive list of well-known rental brands; Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz to name but a few. In addition, long-term renters are rewarded with discounts of 15% for weekly rents and 35% for monthly rents. They also provide “rental agreements including taxes, exemptions and extra benefits” and “steering Hertz NeverLost® to keep you on track in a foreign country”. Finally, valued members can also enjoy the privilege of enjoying special discounts if flying with any Hertz partner (Thai Airways, Thai Smile and Bangkok Airways). All in all, finding the rental car of your dreams is just a click away with Hertz!

Price: The estimated price per day ranges from 1,200 to 2,500 baht.

Address: Hertz offices are the most common in Thailand. It has 3 offices in central Thailand, 1 in the northeast, 1 in the west, 7 in the north and 5 in the south.

Contact Info: / 02 266 4666

4. Rent an environmentally friendly car

Chic Car Rental is notably one of the cheapest car rentals in Thailand. This is in part due to their often shared special offers and promotions. Founded in 2004, it is a Thai rental company managed by an efficient team. They are committed to providing exceptional services at reasonable prices, so that they can be trusted.

Key Services: Their fleet includes a good selection of well-maintained vehicles. Obviously, vans, minivans, SUVs, minis and economy cars are all available for rent in the long or short term. Their GPS Damage and Super Collision Waiver services are significantly cheaper than renting other cars, and their locations are convenient and easy to find. Finally, they serve customers who wish to rent rental cars for one-way trips.

Price: the estimated price per day ranges from 800 to 2,000 baht.

Address: Chic Car Rental has 14 locations in Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Khon Kaen.

Contact Info: 02-286-6799

5. Rent a cheap car

Budget is a car rental company that is especially valued for its “carefully maintained vehicles and quality service”. They offer a wide range of cars to suit all travelers including 4WD, SUV, MPV to name but a few. Equally important, Budget customers will have the best comfort and security as car rental fleets are updated regularly. The convenience of their extensive car network scattered throughout the country ensures that you will never be far from a pickup point or friendly service. Budget Car Rental is a strong contender!

Key Services: In Budget Car Rental, all-inclusive services are tailored to each client’s specific needs. Budgeting has its advantages; with some low cost rental solutions and high quality services. Using seasonal specials and discount coupons to pre-order affordable deals is also an advantage. It is a good option for those traveling late at night or early morning as there are no hidden costs.

Prices: The price per day is estimated to range from 1,000 to 2,000 baht.

Address: 27 locations throughout Thailand, most of them in the southern region.

Contact Info: +66-2203-9222

Bitcoin sheds nearly 15% of its ‘value’ in one day

After a growing and probably unsustainable rise in the last 12 months, Bitcoin suffered a brief and sudden crash over the weekend, dropping nearly 15% of its value in less than an hour – a clear warning of the unpredictability of cryptocurrency volatility .

Bitcoin dropped in “value” from about $ 59,000 to $ 51,000 before rebounding. Ethereum and Dogecoin also suffered dramatic and sudden losses, before recovering some of their losses.

At this time last year Bitcoin was boiling to around US $ 7,725 after slamming up and down on the spot since 2018. But last year, fueled by fears of the U.S. stock market that has overheating, Covid’s volatility (whatever that means), government donations and people – with too much time on their hands, Bitcoin surged sharply to a peak of $ 63,588 on Tuesday. But Newton’s first law (the scientist, not me) came into effect, and with poison.

The price of one Bitcoin fell lowest at $ 52,810.06 on Saturday after plummeting more than $ 7,000 in one hour before stabilizing.

The fall on Saturday appears to have been triggered by a rumor on Twitter that the U.S. Treasury has cracked down on money-laundering schemes related to cryptocurrencies. Separately, Reuters reported that a power blackout in China’s Xinjiang region, where much of Bitcoin’s “mining” takes place, is to blame for the steep fall.

That information comes from the CoinMarketCap data website.

The sharp rise in cryptocurrencies over the past 12 months has attracted much attention from governments and investors and RobinHood’s trading brigade. Coinbass went public, and thus “mainstream”, last Wednesday.

“All eyes are on Coinbase … as the cryptocurrency exchange prepares for its first day of trading as a public company on the Nasdaq under the symbol” COIN “.

The emergence of the Coinbase market is a special event for several reasons. First, this will be the first major direct listing of the Nasdaq, an unusual route for companies to go public without underwriting an investment bank. ”- USA Today

So Dogecoin had a 500% rally – an ‘asset’ created as a joke 8 years ago – on April 16th. 500% !!!

The enthusiastic support of cryptocurrencies, almost cult, has their moment and proves, for the time being, that they can live their day even under the financial sun. With Coinbase’s first appearance on Wall Street last week, they all went in suits.

The very strong and tempting rise in Bitcoin values last year made the broader financial market talk about the bubble in the cryptocurrency market: Bitcoin’s value has more than doubled since early this year. The market will decide whether that bubble will continue to grow or do what bubbles do in the long run.

At the end of 2017, the value of the Bitcoin digital token increased to nearly $ 20,000 before crashing to nearly $ 3,000 the following year.

For now, all eyes are on cryptocurrencies to see how they move. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that their score will remain volatile and that there will be winners and losers.


Roshi, the financial comparison platform helps Singaporeans master their money

Singapore-based entrepreneur Amir Nada launched a financial comparison platform during the lock-down period that helps Singaporeans master all their money movements. Like Tadoo from Thailand, the new platform allows consumers to easily compare and choose the best financial products and plan better ways to spend and save.

SINGAPORE (SEPTEMBER) – “Opportunity is always in crisis.” That’s the sweeping message of Singaporean internet entrepreneur Amir Nada, who developed ROSHI, a financial comparison website six months ago, when the country was forced into Covid-19 blockade restrictions.

According to research conducted by global professional services firm Accenture, Singapore Fintech companies raised $ 735 million in 2019. This is a 69% increase over the same period in 2018. Understanding the popularity and demand for Fintech services in the country, Nada developed ROSHI using a small amount of its own capital and an experience optimization framework that it developed in its corporate work to analyze and learn from other market players.

“I had a lot of time on my block, so I used the time to do something productive,” Nada said when asked to explain his motivation for creating the platform. Nada is also very passionate about starting IoT distribution businesses and has been continually frustrated by the poor user experience provided by market leaders. He added: “I wanted to give Singaporeans more value by helping them better manage the money they work so hard for.”

Billed as a barrier in the financial comparison, ROSHI offers Singapore the first real-time home loan offering platform on the market, the latest price checkpoints, easy-to-use comparison tools and expert insights to answer all of your questions money. The platform allows consumers to easily compare the best financial products from credit cards, home loans and insurance to personal loans, facades and investments. In addition, the providers listed on the platform have ratings and reviews to give consumers a better idea of ​​the products and services they offer.

Guided by its mission to allow consumers to master all their money movements, ROSHI puts the power in the hands of consumers with their home loan offering feature. The company has lenders to apply for borrower applications directly from the platform. Consumers can then compare customized loan options and chat directly with loan managers to get the best rates in the market.

ROSHI already offers a host of options; however, there are plans to introduce additional financial tools and functions over the coming months. Nada also plans to expand the service beyond Singapore’s borders. To achieve this, the young entrepreneur is ready to discuss seed financing opportunities with investors.