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Scientists built a tiny robot to mimic the mantis shrimp’s knock-out punch

The mantis shrimp boasts one of the highly effective, ultrafast punches in nature—it is on par with the pressure generated by a .22 caliber bullet. This makes the creature a gorgeous object of examine for scientists wanting to study extra concerning the related biomechanics. Amongst different makes use of, it might result in small robots able to equally quick, highly effective actions. Now, a staff of Harvard College researchers has give you a brand new biomechanical mannequin for the mantis shrimp’s mighty appendage, and it constructed a tiny robotic to imitate that motion, based on a latest paper revealed within the Proceedings of the Nationwide Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

“We’re fascinated by so many outstanding behaviors we see in nature, specifically when these behaviors meet or exceed what will be achieved by human-made gadgets,” stated senior creator Robert Wooden, a roboticist at Harvard College’s John A. Paulson Faculty of Engineering and Utilized Sciences (SEAS). “The pace and pressure of mantis shrimp strikes, for instance, are a consequence of a posh underlying mechanism. By developing a robotic mannequin of a mantis shrimp placing appendage, we’re in a position to examine these mechanisms in unprecedented element.”

Wooden’s analysis group made headlines a number of years in the past when it constructed RoboBee, a tiny robotic able to partially untethered flight. The final word objective of that initiative is to construct a swarm of tiny interconnected robots able to sustained untethered flight—a big technological problem, given the insect-sized scale, which modifications the assorted forces at play. In 2019, Wooden’s group introduced its achievement of the lightest insect-scale robotic thus far to have achieved sustained, untethered flight—an improved model known as the RoboBee X-Wing. (Kenny Breuer, writing in Nature, described it as “a tour de pressure of system design and engineering.”)

Now, Wooden’s group has turned its consideration to the biomechanics of the mantis shrimp’s knock-out punch. As we have reported beforehand, mantis shrimp are available in many various varieties; there are some 450 identified species. However they will typically be grouped into two varieties: those who stab their prey with spear-like appendages (“spearers”) and those who smash their prey (“smashers”) with massive, rounded, and hammer-like claws (“raptorial appendages”). These strikes are so quick (as a lot as 23 meters per second, or 51 mph) and highly effective, they typically produce cavitation bubbles within the water, making a shock wave that may function a follow-up strike, gorgeous and generally killing the prey. Typically a strike may even produce sonoluminescence, whereby the cavitation bubbles produce a quick flash of sunshine as they collapse.

Based on a 2018 examine, the key to that highly effective punch appears to come up not from cumbersome muscular tissues however from the spring-loaded anatomical construction of the shrimp’s arms, akin to a bow and arrow or a mousetrap. The shrimp’s muscular tissues pull on a saddle-shaped construction within the arm, inflicting it to bend and retailer potential power, which is launched with the swinging of the club-like claw. It is primarily a latch-like mechanism (technically, Latch-mediated spring actuation, or LaMSA), with small constructions within the muscle tendons known as sclerites serving because the latch.

When the medium issues: The mighty mantis shrimp pulls its punch in air
That a lot is properly understood, and there are a number of different small organisms able to producing ultra-fast strikes via the same latching mechanism: frogs’ legs and chameleons’ tongues, for example, in addition to the mandibles of entice jaw ants and exploding plant seeds. However biologists who’ve been learning these mechanisms for years have observed one thing uncommon within the mantis shrimp—a one-millisecond delay between when the unlatching and the snapping motion happens.

“While you take a look at the placing course of on an ultra-high-speed digital camera, there’s a time delay between when the sclerites launch and the appendage fires,” stated co-first creator Nak-seung (Patrick) Hyun, a postdoctoral fellow at SEAS. “It’s as if a mouse triggered a mousetrap however as an alternative of it snapping straight away, there was a noticeable delay earlier than it snapped. There’s clearly one other mechanism holding the appendage in place, however nobody has been in a position to analytically perceive how the opposite mechanism works.”

Interest in Switching to iPhone Drops Among Android Users Ahead of iPhone 13 Launch, Survey Shows

Android customers are considerably much less within the iPhone 13 fashions than they have been this time final yr within the iPhone 12 fashions, having been delay by the continued lack of a fingerprint scanner and considerations round baby security options, in response to a brand new survey by SellCell.

The survey, performed earlier this month, requested greater than 5,000 present Android customers in the US aged 18 or over for his or her opinions about Apple’s upcoming merchandise, revealing how the ‌iPhone 13‌ and Apple’s different anticipated merchandise are seen by clients of the rival platform forward of their launch.

The survey discovered that 18.3 of Android customers would think about switching to an ‌iPhone 13‌. This can be a vital decline from final yr when 33.1 % of Android customers have been open to switching to an ‌iPhone 12‌ mannequin. This can be a drop of 14.8 %.

Of the ‌iPhone 13‌ lineup, anticipated to encompass a 5.4-inch ‌iPhone 13‌ mini, a 6.1-inch ‌iPhone 13‌, a 6.1-inch ‌iPhone 13‌ Professional, and a 6.7-inch ‌iPhone 13‌ Professional Max, 39.8 % of the Android customers open to switching are most within the ‌iPhone 13‌ Professional Max. 36.1 % are most within the ‌iPhone 13‌ Professional, 19.5 % are most within the ‌iPhone 13‌, and simply 4.6 % have an interest within the ‌iPhone 13‌ mini.

This matches broad traits across the iPhone lineup amongst current iPhone customers, the place the 6.7-inch mannequin may be very in style whereas the 5.4-inch “mini” type issue has typically been marginalized and suffered from low gross sales.

When the potential switchers have been requested what would compel them to modify to an ‌iPhone 13‌ mannequin, 51.4 % cited longer software program help, 23.8 % cited the Apple ecosystem, and 11.4 % cited higher privateness.

31.9 % of Android customers stated that the ‌iPhone 13‌’s lack of a fingerprint scanner for authentication was the primary purpose they won’t think about switching. 16.7 % stated that they won’t think about switching attributable to iOS’s restricted customization, 12.8 % pointed to iOS’s lack of help for sideloading apps, 12.1 % cited common design and {hardware}, and 10.4 % stated that “intrusive” scanning for baby sexual abuse materials (CSAM) was the primary purpose for not switching.

Of the Android customers which are fascinated with shopping for an ‌iPhone 13‌, solely 14.7 % have been additionally fascinated with shopping for an accompanying Apple Watch Collection 7. Likewise, solely 6.2 % have been fascinated with shopping for third-generation AirPods.

The official unveiling of the ‌iPhone 13‌, Apple Watch Collection 7, and third-generation ‌AirPods‌ is believed to be simply weeks away, and whereas main design adjustments are usually not anticipated for the ‌iPhone‌ this yr, we are able to probably depend on quite a few digicam enhancements, ProRes video recording, a 120Hz ProMotion show, a smaller notch, a quicker A-series processor, a new 5G chip from Qualcomm, and extra.

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Chinese Lunar Testing successfully returns to Earth this Morning

The China Chang’e-5 mission returned safely to Earth after a successful 3-week mission to the Moon, collecting rocks and soil from the surface and then reuniting. This is the first time since the 1970s that a space mission such as this has been completed. China is only the third country in the world to successfully collect rocks from the moon.

The mission was launched from the Wenchang spacecraft launch site on the southern island of Hainan (in the South China Sea) on November 24 using a Chinese Long March 5 rocket to push the moon probe on its path.

Very early this morning, the capsule landed at Siziwang Banner, north of China’s Inner Mongolia, according to the Chinese National Space Administration.

SCREEN: China’s National Space Administration

Chang’e-5 is named after the ancient Chinese moon goddess. The Chinese have already announced their intention to eventually plan a residential moon base and its own orbital space station.

The United States and the USSR at that time launched missions to the moon in the 1960s and 1970s: the United States is the only crew to the moon, the first of six missions in July 1969.

In the US Apollo program 12 astronauts on 6 flights between 1969 and 1972 reported 382 kilograms of moon rock and soil.

The USSR deployed 3 successful unmanned return missions in the 1970s. The latest mission, the Luna 24, reported 170.1 grams of samples in 1976.

On Tuesday this week, Thai government minister Anek Laothamatas announced that Thailand will have built and launched a spacecraft that will rotate and explore the moon within 7 years. The Minister for Higher Education, Science, Research and Innovation spoke at a press conference at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, where an update on Covid-19 vaccines was presented to the media.

“The project will forever change the whole perspective of Thailand that Thailand is no longer a developing country but a country with a future, opportunity and hope.”

The announcement of the Thai Moon mission was widely mocked on social media with a frequently asked question … “why?”



Global Chip Shortage: Car makers for sex toys are now feeling the pinch

Global scarcity of chips has affected almost every type of business, from car makers to manufacturers of sex toys. The shortage occurred late last year, when automakers thought demand would decline due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But they were wrong. In addition, other manufacturers have taken note of the large semiconductor orders from automakers and decided to increase their own.

Equipment, servers, sex toys, and heavy equipment manufacturers are facing the downfall of chip shortages, and companies that do not normally use chips as their core business are feeling the effects. Increasing demand coupled with decreasing availability has increased prices and waiting times for such goods, with companies rushing to acquire as many chips as possible.

After the pandemic, compulsory locksmiths saw an increase in demand for electronics, as people started to work from home and have fun at home (in more than one way). The chip shortage has saved a few companies with even some tech giants embarking on bulk purchases to protect themselves from the US-China trade war. Microsoft and Apple said a shortage of tablets and laptops saw hardware sales saw the biggest drop in sales.

A recent report by Goldman Sachs Group Inc. notes that semiconductors are the main manufacturing component for 12% of US gross domestic product.

In Shenzhen, China, Petoneer suspended the sale of some pet gadgets, including a robotic cat toy after its chip supply was over. Petoneer’s sales manager says the company is looking to see if it can trade readily available types of chips.

Crave, Inc., a sex toy company, was forced to redesign half of its products this year to cater for the chip shortage. Its CEO says a typical sex toy contains 30 different electronic parts, including chips. The company began chip accumulation late last year as distribution times began to increase. The CEO says they have been preparing for at least a year and possibly more than 2 years for a shortage.

So, those looking for a new and better way to have fun, the company says they are working to make its products still available.

Bitcoin sheds nearly 15% of its ‘value’ in one day

After a growing and probably unsustainable rise in the last 12 months, Bitcoin suffered a brief and sudden crash over the weekend, dropping nearly 15% of its value in less than an hour – a clear warning of the unpredictability of cryptocurrency volatility .

Bitcoin dropped in “value” from about $ 59,000 to $ 51,000 before rebounding. Ethereum and Dogecoin also suffered dramatic and sudden losses, before recovering some of their losses.

At this time last year Bitcoin was boiling to around US $ 7,725 after slamming up and down on the spot since 2018. But last year, fueled by fears of the U.S. stock market that has overheating, Covid’s volatility (whatever that means), government donations and people – with too much time on their hands, Bitcoin surged sharply to a peak of $ 63,588 on Tuesday. But Newton’s first law (the scientist, not me) came into effect, and with poison.

The price of one Bitcoin fell lowest at $ 52,810.06 on Saturday after plummeting more than $ 7,000 in one hour before stabilizing.

The fall on Saturday appears to have been triggered by a rumor on Twitter that the U.S. Treasury has cracked down on money-laundering schemes related to cryptocurrencies. Separately, Reuters reported that a power blackout in China’s Xinjiang region, where much of Bitcoin’s “mining” takes place, is to blame for the steep fall.

That information comes from the CoinMarketCap data website.

The sharp rise in cryptocurrencies over the past 12 months has attracted much attention from governments and investors and RobinHood’s trading brigade. Coinbass went public, and thus “mainstream”, last Wednesday.

“All eyes are on Coinbase … as the cryptocurrency exchange prepares for its first day of trading as a public company on the Nasdaq under the symbol” COIN “.

The emergence of the Coinbase market is a special event for several reasons. First, this will be the first major direct listing of the Nasdaq, an unusual route for companies to go public without underwriting an investment bank. ”- USA Today

So Dogecoin had a 500% rally – an ‘asset’ created as a joke 8 years ago – on April 16th. 500% !!!

The enthusiastic support of cryptocurrencies, almost cult, has their moment and proves, for the time being, that they can live their day even under the financial sun. With Coinbase’s first appearance on Wall Street last week, they all went in suits.

The very strong and tempting rise in Bitcoin values last year made the broader financial market talk about the bubble in the cryptocurrency market: Bitcoin’s value has more than doubled since early this year. The market will decide whether that bubble will continue to grow or do what bubbles do in the long run.

At the end of 2017, the value of the Bitcoin digital token increased to nearly $ 20,000 before crashing to nearly $ 3,000 the following year.

For now, all eyes are on cryptocurrencies to see how they move. The only thing that can be guaranteed is that their score will remain volatile and that there will be winners and losers.


The US cybersecurity agency is backing a hacking campaign in Russian

Cyber attack, first identified when US government agencies were targeted, was targeted at cyber targets around the world, raising concerns about global cyber security.

Microsoft has already announced that it has notified more than 40 major customers affected by the malicious software allegedly brought by hackers associated with the Russian government. The malicious software allowed attackers unrestricted access to a wide range of public and private networks.

Until yesterday, 80% of attacks occurred in the United States, although Microsoft has already reported attacks in 7 other countries, including Canada, Mexico, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, Israel and the United Arab Emirates. But the list continues to grow. The White House did not comment on the current position.

Brad Smith, Microsoft’s chief legal counsel, said the firm had discovered 40 clients, including government agencies, thinktanks, NGOs, and IT companies, who were “more precisely targeted and compromised” on The hackers said they had initial access earlier this year.

“The number and location of victims is bound to continue to grow. This is not usually espionage, even in the digital age. Instead, it represents an act of recklessness that has created a serious technological vulnerability to the United States and the world “.

The attack appears to have started when an updated popular IT network management tool called “Orion”, made by SolarWinds, was compromised since March this year. About 18,000 customers put the update at risk, many of them working for US government agencies.

The hackers allegedly maliciously installed software used by the US Treasury Department and the Department of Commerce, allowing them to see internal email traffic.

Of these, at least 40 were selected by attackers for further exploitation, including the U.S. Treasury and the Department of Commerce, where the emails are believed to have been read, and the Ministry of Telecommunications and National Information.

Microsoft announced that it was able to track part of the impact of the SolarWinds attack because it was brought in by customers to help deploy its in-house antivirus software. MicroSoft admitted it was the victim of the attack, although “it is not proof of access to production services or customer data”.

The United States National Security Agency has called for increased surveillance to prevent unauthorized access to major military and civilian networks.

In a statement from the NSA … “The recent compromise of Orion SolarWinds code is a serious example of how local systems can be compromised, leading to abuse of federal authentication and malicious access to the cloud.”

Analysts said the attacks pose a threat to national security by infiltrating key government systems, while creating key infrastructure management risks for systems like power grids and other utilities.

Cyber ​​security at the Department of Homeland Security admits that the full scale of the attack is “not yet known”, with most local government systems and the private sector “at great risk”.

Although federal authorities have so far traced the launch of the attack back to March, it is unclear how long alleged agents could have been involved in some of the US government’s most critical agencies, including state departments , Homeland Security, Treasury and Commerce.

The US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency says it has not identified who was behind the malicious software attack, but private security firms have pointed the finger at hackers linked to the Russian government.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also suggested Moscow’s involvement on Monday, saying the Russian government has made repeated attempts to hack into US government networks.

Meanwhile, President-elect Joe Biden said he was “deeply concerned” about the computer hack while Utah Senator Mitt Romney criticized what he called the “unforgettable silence” of the White House.

Microsoft’s shares fell 0.36% to $ 218.63 in yesterday’s trading. SolarWinds shares were down 0.45% to $ 17.52.


10 new 5G towers under construction in Nong Prue, Pattaya

Nong Prue’s tambon, east of the city of Pattaya, will host 10 new 5G WiFi “Smart Poles”. Installation begins this month. The announcement was made by Mayor Nong Prue Mine Chiyanit and the United Technology Enterprise team that they were installing the new towers and technology.

The Smart Pole fittings will be located near Soi Phon Prapa Nimit, Suthawart Temple Cross section, Phrakiet Chalerm Crossing, Soi Nern Ballroom, Soa Marb Yailerb 18/5, city center, Boon Sampan Market, Rattanakorn Market, Khao Talo Plaza and at adjacent to The Cold.

The mayor told The Pattaya News that the areas were chosen because of population concentrations in the local community and provide the benefits of 5G high-speed technology to the wider cross-section of the people who live and work there.

“We are excited about the tremendous benefits this will bring to our community, especially in terms of WiFi speeds and being able to keep our community safe with wireless CCTV capabilities.”

“Installation should begin this month.”

The main benefits of 5G are higher data speeds, lower or near zero latency (delay) and greater ability to operate services remotely, a greater number of connected devices and the possibility of operating virtual networks (network slicing).

“These smart poles will provide 5G WiFi, provide news for the general borough, improved and higher quality CCTV camera monitoring systems and ambient PM 2.5 player.

There has been much speculation and debate about 5G, including inaccurate information about the alleged immediate dangers of 5G technology that have not yet emerged in the real world. Some of the issues raised by objectors include alleged “radiation” of the carrier signal bandwidth, direct effects on human anatomy and cell structure, high frequency “electrosmog” bombardment, and direct effects on human skin, eyes and heart . The scientific evidence supporting these claims has been inconclusive and cannot be replicated in real-world scenarios.

During the culmination of the early stages of the coronavirus, a new conspiracy theory emerged that could capture Covid-19 from 5G towers. It was quickly revealed.

Thailand’s broadband internet speed is ranked first

Thailand’s broadband internet speed ranks first after conducting a speed test in December last year. The ranking rose 2 places from the previous speed test across 176 countries according to the Speedtest Global Index, beating stiff competition.

Singapore and Hong Kong are now ranked 2nd and 3rd in the test, measured monthly. The test uses millions of data from real people using Speedtest tools. The test was developed by Ookla, a Seattle, Washington-based company that pioneered fixed-band and mobile network testing, analytics and data apps. Although the tests originate from a US company, the US is in 10th place on the list.

Thailand recorded an average fixed broadband speed of 308.35 megabits per second for download last month, beating Singapore for the top spot. It was 3rd in November 2020. Fixed broadband global average speed was 96.43 megabits per second for downloads and 52.31 megabits per second for uploads in December.

On his Facebook page, the Minister of Digital Economy and Buddhipongse Association attributed Punnakanta the top ranking to the rapid development of telecommunications infrastructure in the country and competition from local operators.

After AIS Fiber entered the market in 2015, it prompted more competitors to take part in the race to install optical fiber for Internet services, a move that replaced the old ADSL network technology. AIS Fiber is a mobile operator Advanced Information Service home broadband unit.

Pisut Ngamvijitvong, senior director of the analytics department at Kasikorn Securities, says some operators still provide fixed broadband services through the old ADSL technology, but that the Internet is getting faster and cheaper each year.

“Triple Broadband provides about 30-40% of its service over ADSL and True Internet has around 20%.”

Thailand’s fixed broadband service sector is growing every year. In 2019, there were 10.1 million home subscribers to fixed broadband services. And, in 2020, the number was estimated at 11 million.

The Speedtest Global Index also rates mobile internet speeds of 139 countries where Thailand is currently 33rd in December 2020. It climbed 11 places in 1 month from November 2020 and tested to 51.75 megabits per second for download . The United Arab Emirates and South Korea followed in the rankings with 2nd and 3rd places respectively. The global average for mobile internet speeds was 47.2 megabits per second for downloads and 12.67 megabits per second for uploads.