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Men not allowed to teach girls in Afghanistan: Taliban ban coeducation

The Taliban have formally announced a ban on coeducation in Afghanistan, saying males wouldn’t be allowed to show woman college students within the nation.

“Males is not going to be allowed to show ladies,” mentioned Taliban larger schooling minister Shaikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani. Haqqani mentioned all instructional actions would happen based on Sharia Regulation.

Addressing a big gathering within the tent of Loya Jirga, Haqqani assured the folks and all academics of Afghanistan that the Taliban would attempt to develop Afghanistan’s instructional system

The assertion comes a day after Shaikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani was appointed the performing minister of upper schooling in Afghanistan.

“The transfer has successfully disadvantaged ladies from larger schooling as a result of universities can’t afford to offer totally different lessons nor there are sufficient human sources,” tweeted Afghan journalist Bashir Ahmad Gwakh.

Haqqani has additionally criticised the present education system, saying that it failed to stick to Islamic rules. “Each merchandise in opposition to Islam within the instructional system shall be eliminated,” the Unbiased quoted Haqqani as saying.

Final week, Taliban officers in Afghanistan’s Herat province ordered that ladies would now not be allowed to sit down in the identical lessons as boys in universities.

The Taliban officers reportedly mentioned that there was “no justification or different for persevering with co-education”, based on a report in Khaama Information.

n Afghanistan, girls who comprise practically 50% of the whole inhabitants have been residing in dread for the return of the Taliban.

The extremely rich in the US “pay hardly any income tax”

Details purporting to disclose the low income tax paid by US billionaires were leaked on a news site.

ProPublica claims to have seen the tax returns of some of the world’s wealthiest people, including Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, and Warren Buffett.

The website claims that Mr Bezos of Amazon paid no tax in 2007 and 2011, while Mr Musk of Tesla paid nothing in 2018.

A White House spokesman called the leak “illegal” and the FBI and tax authorities are investigating.

ProPublica said it was analyzing what it called an “extensive set of Internal Revenue Service data” on billionaires’ taxes and would release more details in the coming weeks.

Although the BBC failed to substantiate the allegations, the alleged leak comes at a time of growing debate over the amount of taxes paid by the rich and growing inequality.

ProPublica said the 25 wealthiest Americans pay less tax – an average of 15.8% of adjusted gross income – than most traditional US workers.

Jesse Eisinger, senior journalist and editor of ProPublica, told the Today Program: “We were very surprised that you could reduce [taxes] to zero if you were a millionaire. In fact, paying zero taxes really blew us away Ultra -rich people can bypass the system in a perfectly legal way “.

“They have a tremendous ability to find deductions, find credits and take advantage of gaps in the system,” he said.

So while the value of their wealth grows tremendously by holding stock in their company, this is not recorded as income.

What’s more, he said: “They also take aggressive tax deductions, often because they borrowed to finance their lifestyle.”

He said U.S. billionaires buy an asset, build one or inherit a fortune, and then borrow against their wealth.

Because they don’t make any earnings or sell shares, they don’t take any income, which could be taxed.

“They then borrow from a bank at a relatively low interest rate, make a living from it, and can use the interest payments as a deduction on their income,” he said.

Biden Plans

The site claimed that “by using perfectly legal tax strategies, many of the wealthy are able to reduce their federal taxes to zero or near zero” even as their wealth has soared in recent years.

The rich, like many ordinary citizens, can reduce their income taxes through things like charitable donations and by taking money from investment income rather than wage income.

ProPublica, using data collected by Forbes magazine, said the wealth of the 25 wealthiest Americans combined increased $ 401 billion between 2014 and 2018 – but they paid $ 13.6 billion in income taxes in those years.

President Joe Biden has pledged to raise taxes on wealthier Americans as part of a mission to improve equality and raise funds for his massive infrastructure investment program.

He wants to raise the highest tax rate, double the tax on what they earn from investments, and change the inheritance tax.

However, ProPublica’s analysis concluded: “While some wealthy Americans, such as hedge fund managers, would pay more taxes under Biden’s current administration proposals, the vast majority of the top 25 would see little change.”

One of the quoted billionaires, philanthropist George Soros, would also have paid a minimum tax. His office did not respond to a BBC request for comment, but said in a statement to ProPublica that Mr Soros did not have to tax a few years due to investment losses.

The statement also highlighted the fact that he had long argued for higher taxes on America’s wealthiest people.


According to reports in the United States, Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York whose tax details were among the documents, said the disclosure raised privacy concerns and that he would use “legal means” to reveal the source of the news leak.

ProPublica, an investigative website, has written several articles about how budget cuts by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service have hampered its ability to enforce tax rules on wealthy and large corporations. The news agency claimed that it had received the documents disclosed in response to these articles.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said “any unauthorized disclosure of confidential government information” was unlawful.

Treasury Department spokeswoman Lily Adams said in an emailed statement to Reuters that the matter had been referred to the FBI, federal prosecutors and two Treasury Department in-house observers, “all of whom have authority that independent to investigate ”.

The Commissioner of the United States Internal Revenue Service, Charles Rettig, said, “I cannot speak to anything about specific taxpayers. I can confirm that there is an investigation, in relation to allegations that the source of the information in that article is from the Internal Revenue Service”. Revenue Agency. ”

What’s wrong here? Let’s do a very simple analysis. If the shares I own in the company I set up are worth £ 1 billion at the start of the tax year and rise to £ 2 billion by the end of the tax year, how much do I have to pay for income tax? Easy – zero. Because even though I was twice as wealthy, I got zero income.

On the other hand, if I have no assets and earn £ 30,000, I pay about £ 6,000 in income tax and national insurance. That’s why disclosures that some of the wealthiest Americans have paid little or no income tax may cause anger, but they should come as no surprise. It does not compare apples to apples.

This is not to say that these very wealthy people do not have the money to pay the sailing bills. A broad tactic used by the wealthy to borrow money protected against their vast wealth – which is not yet income – is loan proceeds and this is the (perfectly legal) part of taking cookies.

Interest on that loan can be deducted from any other income to further reduce income tax. Sounds great, but it’s legal.

Unsurprisingly, many politicians around the world (Elizabeth Warren in the US and Jeremy Corbyn / John McDonnell in the UK) and academics like Thomas Piketty have argued that we need a way to tax wealth, not income.

The billionaire in our example will pay the capital gain, currently 20% in the UK, by the time he sells those shares and makes a profit.

ONLY, that is, the profits have sunk into another business, the tax system as it is designed to encourage the promotion of economic growth and new jobs – jobs that will generate income and therefore taxes .

That, his advocates say, is capitalism at work – but as with the new global consensus on corporate taxation – the clamor for tax change is growing louder.


Halo Trust: Afghan cull workers killed “in cold blood”

At least 10 detonators working for the Halo Trust in the northern province of Baghlan in Afghanistan have been killed and more than a dozen injured.

Afghan officials blamed the Taliban, saying that the militants had “just started shooting everyone”.

But Halo Trust CEO James Cowan told the BBC that “the local Taliban … came to our aid and intimidated the attackers.” The Taliban also denied the attack.

Violence worsened as the United States began withdrawing its last troops on May 1.

The departure of international troops comes at the center of a closing period in the peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban.

Several areas in the province of Baghlan have witnessed fierce fighting between the Taliban and government forces.

Workers were killed when gunmen stormed the complex at 21:50 (17:20 GMT) on Tuesday after spending a day clearing mines from a nearby field.

Interior Ministry spokesman Tareq Arian told reporters that “the Taliban entered a mine clearance agency center … and started shooting everyone.”

But the Taliban issued a swift denial.

“We condemn the attacks on the defenseless and regard them as cruelty,” the militant group spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid tweeted. “We have normal relations with NGOs. Our mujahideen will never carry out such cruel attacks.”

Mr Cowan of the Halo Trust told BBC Radio 4 Today that the attackers went “to bed” shooting workers “in cold blood”, but that the local Taliban helped the deminers.

“I think it is important to know that the Taliban have denied responsibility for this, and indeed the local Taliban group came to our aid and scared the attackers,” he said.

“We don’t know who the attackers were – we might guess on that, but I won’t – but I think we have the capacity as Halo Trust to act on both sides of the line in this terrible conflict,” he added.

In a police clip from Baghlan shared with reporters, the survivor of the attack said gunmen asked if any of them belonged to Hazara’s minority community before opening fire.

“Five to six armed men came and took us to a room,” he said. “First they took all our money and mobile phones, and then they asked who our boss was. They asked, ‘Is there any Hazara here among you?’ We told them, ‘We don’t have Hazara here.’ ”

He added that he was shot in the head, but managed to escape through a window.

The Hazaras, the third largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, have suffered long-term discrimination and persecution, largely because of their Shiite faith. In recent years they have suffered kidnappings and killings at the hands of the Islamic State group and the Taliban.

The Halo Trust was established in the UK in 1988 to dispose of remaining bombs from the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan for almost a decade.

He was supported by Princess Diana and her son, Prince Harry.


Truck attack in Canada: victims of named Muslim families

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau identified four members of a Muslim family killed in a “premeditated” attack on Sunday.

Madiha Salman, 44, her husband Salman Afzaal, 46, their 15-year-old daughter Yumna Afzaal and Mr Afzaal’s mother, 74, were hit by a vehicle during an evening walk in London, Ontario.

Mr. Trudeau condemned the attack as a terrorist act.

The couple’s nine-year-old son survived and is in hospital with injuries.

The attack was the worst against Canadian Muslims since six people were killed in a mosque in Quebec City in 2017.

A 20-year-old Canadian was charged with four charges of murder and one of attempted murder.

Police said the family is believed to have been targeted because of their Muslim faith. Authorities are evaluating potential terrorism charges for what they think is a hate crime.

Speaking in the Canadian House of Commons on Tuesday, Trudeau denied “a hate-driven terrorist attack in the heart of one of our communities.”

“If anyone thinks that racism and hatred don’t exist in this country, I want to say this: how do we explain such violence to a hospitalized child? How can we look families in the eye and say: ‘Islamophobia is not real’? “he said.

A vigil has been organized on Thursday night at a London mosque attended by the family.

Who are the victims?

Three generations of the Afzaal family were killed during an evening walk on Sunday. Five family members were waiting to cross a cross section along London’s Hyde Park Road when the truck hit the curb and hit them, police said.

Family and friends told CBC News that the family was deeply involved in their community and committed to their faith.

After graduating from London Islamic School last year, 15-year-old Yumna was in ninth grade at Oakridge High School.

In Oakridge, Yumna was to become a grade 10 representative in the Muslim Student Association, the institution’s president told CBC.

Yumna’s mother, Ms. Salman, had recently completed a bachelor’s degree in civil and environmental engineering from the University of the West in London, according to her LinkedIn page. It aimed to work on solving “geo-environmental problems” and “contributing to the restoration of our natural environment”.

Salman Afzaal was “humble” and loyal to his community, a friend told CBC.

Mr Afzaal’s 74-year-old mother’s name has not yet been released.

The couple’s nine-year-old son was the only surviving family member present. He is seriously injured in hospital.

What’s behind the attack?

Police called alleged assailant Nathanial Veltman, 20, of London, Ontario. He was arrested without incident at a shopping mall about 6km from the crime scene.

It is not yet known whether the suspects have links to hate groups, said Detective Supt Waight.

“There is no known prior connection between the suspect and the victims,” ​​Det Supt Waight said, adding that the suspect wore a vest that looked “like armor”.

Police said Mr Veltman had no previous convictions.

Officials added that there was good weather and high visibility conditions when the black truck was seen climbing onto the sidewalk on Hyde Park Road at about 8:40 pm local time on Sunday.

A witness told CTV News he needed to protect his young daughter’s eyes from the bodies.

“There were people everywhere and running,” Paige Martin said. “Citizens were trying to direct emergency vehicles where to go. There were lots of signs and shouting and waving their arm.”

A 2016 census found that London, a city about 200 km (125 miles) southwest of Toronto, is becoming increasingly diverse. One in five people are born outside of Canada, with Arabs being the largest minority group in the area and South Asians second.

“Cruel and cowardly law”

Trudeau addressed parliament following the attack, describing “an act of cruel, cowardly and brazen violence”.

The author “does not represent us as Canadians,” the prime minister said, but rejected the idea that this type of violence is not “Canadian” – a sentiment echoed by Canadian opposition leaders.

“We must face it: this hatred exists in our country,” Trudeau said.

The Mayor of London Ed Holder was among those who paid tribute to the victims, stating: “This was an act of mass murder, committed against Muslims, against Londoners and rooted in inhuman hatred.

Mayor Holder said he spoke “on behalf of everyone from London when I say our hearts are broken”.

“We are sorry for the family, three generations of whom are now dead.”

The mayor’s statement added that he had ordered the flag down outside London’s City Hall for three days of mourning.

This is not the first time members of the Muslim community in Canada have attacked.

In January 2017, a Canadian man fatally shot six people at Quebec’s Islamic Cultural Center and seriously injured five others. The author was sentenced to life in prison.

Canada’s deadliest vehicle ramming attack occurred in 2018 when a self-described “incel” (involuntary celibate) hit a group of pedestrians in Toronto with its van, killing 10 people.


A Bengal tiger fled to America captured after terrorizing locals

An escaping 9-month-old Bengal tiger that devastated the city of Houston in the US state of Texas was caught unharmed. The tiger, called India, was cared for by the wife of its owner, Victor Cuevas, 26.

The owner was recently seen on social media kissing the tiger before putting it in his car and driving away. The tiger was last seen a week ago, roaming the houses in the suburbs of the big city. Houston Police Manager Ron Borza says the animal was unharmed when it was captured and transferred to an animal shelter.

“We got it and it’s healthy.”

The videos showed an off-duty sheriff pulling a gun at the tiger before Cuevas arrived to take him away. He did not tell the police where the tiger had spent the past week, but said his wife had always known where he was. However, owning a tiger within the city limits of Houston, Texas is illegal. Police say Cueva’s wife should not face charges. But Borza told reporters that having a tiger was not a good thing.

“You should not have it in your house. Not good for the tiger. ”

India has been transported to a sanctuary where it will have its own habitat with 0.2 hectares of land that includes a wooded area and a swimming pool. But first, the seemingly healthy tiger will be quarantined for 30 days before being introduced to his new home.

The WWF conservation group estimates that there are about 5,000 tigers living in captivity across America, more than the global population of wild tigers. The state of Texas is a major contributor to the capture of wild animals.

According to media reports, Cuevas was arrested last week but released 2 days later, only to be arrested another 2 days later. This was not his first arrest, as he had previously been charged with murder. No other details were given about his arrests.


The prime minister intervenes after a Thai citizen was injured in the Gaza explosion

Premier Prayut Chan-o-cha released statements expressing concern and pain over the violence in the Gaza Strip as recent explosions injured a Thai citizen. Thailand has a quota for farm laborers working in exchange in Israel, with about 250 workers traveling to Israel each week on charter flights. 3,100 Thai workers already work in Israel.

Among the Thai workers is Sitthichok Nanam, a 24-year-old man from Udon Thani who was injured this week in the Gaza Strip by an explosion launched by Hamas. No details of the nature of his injuries have yet been released, although he has already undergone treatment at Soroka Hospital in Beer Sheva. The Thai man had been working in Israel since June 2017.

The Royal Embassy of Thailand in Tel Aviv passed the information to the Ministry of Labor who contacted his family in Udon Thani to update him on the situation. The ministry has also asked for money to care for the injured Thai and to help other workers who may need assistance.

The conflict has escalated in the region as Israeli and Palestinian police recently clashed over Muslims who gathered in Damascus Gate for iftar, the evening meal after fasting daily during the holy month of Ramadan. This comes on top of balloon bombs and dozens of rockets launched from the Gaza Strip to Israel last week and escalating local clashes.

Premier Prayut weighed in on the international issue as it affects the citizens of Thailand working near the Gaza Strip and in the region. He added his concern to a recent statement released by Thailand regarding the escalating violence in the area.

“Thailand is deeply concerned about the violence in Israel and Palestine and strongly urges all interested parties to exercise maximum restraint and refrain from any provocative action that could aggravate the situation and cause further casualties of innocent civilians and damage to heritage sites. Thailand also expresses its sympathy and sympathy with those affected by the violence “.


UPDATE: Chinese rocket debris is plummeting into the Indian Ocean


10.30am (Thailand time) Locals confirmed that the debris was falling somewhere west of the Maldives into the Indian Ocean.

9.30 (Thailand time)

The Long March 5B Chinese rocket is expected to land in this area… longitude 72.47 ° east and latitude 2.65 ° north, just west of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. This is according to the Chinese National Space Agency.

“Most of the rocket was” destroyed “when rejoining the atmosphere.”


Long March 5B rocket left Earth on April 29, launched from Hainan island in China.

The launch was the first part of an 11-part mission to build the Chinese space station in Earth’s orbit. The Long March 5B rocket carried an unmanned Tianhe module as a payload, the first of many to be built together in space. When connected as part of a permanent Chinese space station, it will accommodate future astronauts.

The foreign ministry spokesman assured that China was monitoring the rocket’s missions very closely and that most spacecraft would burn on rents. Any debris is likely to land in international oceans, and the chance of land damage is considered very low.

The US military announced earlier this week that the rocket would be tracked by US Space Command, calling it unmanaged missiles. Statistically speaking, debris is very likely to fall into an ocean somewhere as the Earth is 70% covered in water.

As the rocket ripped apart at a hypersonic speed in the Earth’s atmosphere, most of the debris would be burned quickly by the heat of reentries. But another Long March 5B Chinese rocket hit the Earth last year in May 2020 and parts of the ground struck, damaging some buildings in Ivory Coast.

The travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore begins on May 26

A travel bubble between Hong Kong and Singapore will start on May 26, canceling the quarantine period for those traveling between the 2 countries. For those traveling from Hong Kong to Singapore, visitors will need to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19, except for travelers who are under the age of 16 or who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons. Passengers traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong do not need the vaccine.

There will be one Hong Kong-Singapore flight and one Singapore-Hong Kong flight daily, each carrying up to 200 passengers. If the Covid-19 situation remains under control, flights are increased to 2 per day from both directions. If coronavirus cases increase and reach a daily average of more than 5 cases at both destinations, the bubble plan will be suspended for 2 weeks.

According to Edward Yau Tang-wah, Hong Kong’s Secretary of Trade and Economic Development, both countries are taking health precautions to reopen un quarantine travel with pre-departure and arrival screening.

“Given the latest situation, such as the emergence of a rolling strain and a longer incubation period, we see the need to build additional safety measures and take the opportunity to encourage Hong Kong residents to complete two doses of vaccination before the flight. …”

Those traveling from Hong Kong must order a Covid-19 test and submit the necessary documents 3 days before landing in Singapore. Passengers will take a Covid-19 test at the airport and go directly to their accommodation. They must remain in the designated accommodation until the test is negative. It is unclear how long it will take to get results.

For travelers traveling from Singapore to Hong Kong, they will need to complete and submit an online health statement 48 hours before landing in Hong Kong. Passengers will be tested for Covid-19 at the airport upon arrival. During their time in Hong Kong, travelers will need to download the government’s LeaveHomeSafe mobile app and scan QR codes in stores and other locations.

Bill and c Gates divorced after 27 years of marriage

Philanthropist and entrepreneur Bill Gates has announced that he and his 27-year-old wife, Melinda, are about to get divorced. The fourth richest person in the world posted a joint statement from the couple on its Twitter account yesterday, according to an NPR report.

Bill Gates is said to be worth more than $ 130 billion, having made a fortune with Microsoft Corporation, which he co-founded with Paul Allen in 1975. He resigned as a board member early last year. The Gates say they will continue to work together as presidents of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which they founded in 2000. According to the NPR report, the foundation is now the largest private charitable foundation in the world. It provides funding for projects focused on poverty reduction and health improvement in developing countries. Bill Gates is known to have donated over $ 35 billion in Microsoft stock to the foundation.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought Bill Gates to light when the organization announced its intention to spend $ 300 million to fight the virus, including funding the development of medical care and a vaccine. His high-profile involvement sparked a number of conspiracy theories among social media skeptics, each more isolated than the other. He was accused of leading the New World Order, a cabal of global elites. Others argue that he intends to make vaccination against Covid-19 mandatory, because he has successfully incorporated 5G chips into each dose.

In 2019, his wife Melinda, the former CEO of Microsoft, published a book in which he talked about the challenge of being the mother and wife of one of the world’s richest men. In The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Change the World, she also talks about the problem of women’s inequality inside and outside marriage in the United States. She is the founder of Pivotal Ventures, which created to promote social progress and advance equality of opportunity for all in the United States. The organization is a separate entity from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.